Sunday, April 1, 2012

Writer, Reader, Thinker, Teacher, and Cliff Diver

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Sifting through the history of my training and experience in the field of education has been an interesting project. I haven't written a resume in over twenty years. When I was told that my job was eliminated for the upcoming school year, I was not surprised. My position as a literacy coach was supposed to last three years and ended up stretching to over a decade. I was well aware of the risks and uncertainties before I took that swan dive twelve years ago but I felt that the opportunity to become a pioneer was too important to pass up. And I have no regrets. Monroe Public Schools has allowed me to grow and develop as a professional in ways I never thought possible. But now it is time to let go and move on.

It is time to begin a new professional chapter and I am excited to jump in with both feet. Supporting teachers, reaching struggling learners, coaching, and helping to facilitate school-wide change requires a unique skill set. It demands a willingness to reinvent oneself, embrace change, and honor all ideas as possibilities. My priority continues to be student achievement. I want children to find their voice and realize their personal power. I want them to know the feeling of agency and creating their own learning. I want students to become life long learners who are armed with the skills necessary to demonstrate their abilities on high-stakes assessments. I have no idea who Monroe Public Schools would like me to become. And I'm not going to fib and say I'm not scared or anxious. I am. Jumping off a cliff without knowing what is in the water below requires a certain degree of faith.